Friday, 9 January 2015

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Sunday November 17 1991)

I had 2 hours of a 3 hour show to make selections from from this show.  6 tracks would have made it on to the mixtape, 4 of which are shared below.  The 2 tracks which I can't currently share on the blog are:

Whipped Cream - Whatever (Peel session)
Lethal - Techno Stylin'

I'm particularly bummed out that the Whipped Cream song is missing, because unless it's been re-recorded under a different title, I haven't found hide nor hair of it on any of their work.

I also went through a process whereby one track I was going to include, Skip Steps 1 & 3 by Superchunk, came off the list when I listened to it again.  Not only that, but another Superchunk song which I'd earmarked for inclusion in the future, was taken off when I listened to it again and decided, I really didn't like Superchunk.

As you'll see, I've started on my record hunt to buy as many of the records which contain the tracks I've selected.  2 down, many thousands to go.  The Howlin' Wolf Album (1969) hasn't cropped up in any of the recordings I've been listening to but I was interested to see how the tracks which he returned to in 1969, which had been originally featured on the 1962 album, turned out next to the originals.   There will be similar diversions in future as you'll see when I pick up the next record in the hunt...

As it turns out, I can share the Whipped Cream and Lethal tracks, as well as much else besides.  Have a listen and see what you think of Superchunk.  Would you have included them?
Also, I had completely forgotten that Philip Schofield used to be on Radio 1 despite the fact that he hosted a Radio 1 Roadshow from Gyllngvase Beach, Falmouth that year.  I went down but left after an hour when he promised us that one of the hip 'n' happening guests we had to look forward to was the comedian, Jethro.  If you've never been to a live roadshow event, trust me you aren't missing anything.  Watching a music radio show in person is, exactly as Peel said, like watching somebody typing.

Full tracklisting.

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