Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Oliver: U.H.F - U.H.F (1 December 1991)

At the date this blog takes as its starting point, 2 November 1991, the composer of this storming piece of techno happened to be moonlighting in the in the UK Top 10 Singles Chart. Richard M. Hall went under several ailases in the early part of his career.  U.H.F didn't stick probably because no matter how banging the beats and how Baleric the piano samples, you can't conquer the pop world when you're named after a Wierd Al Yankovic film.

So, U.H.F remained an impressive footnote in Richard M. Hall's career and instead he went by the moniker, Moby; sampled liberally from the soundtrack to Twin Peaks; gave his next release a short punchy title, and the rest was history....

U.H.F moonlights in the charts, there to remain.

Videos courtesy of theacidhouseone (U.H.F) and specht1958 (Moby).

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