Monday, 3 August 2015

Oliver: D-Nice - To Tha Rescue (26 December 1991)

"These blokes always seem to  have dozens of mates that they can mention on their records, don't they?  If I was to make a record I don't know whose name I'd put on there.  Not very many people, I suspect"

I was so seduced by D-Nice's previous contribution to this blog that I waved this track, the title track of his second and final album, through, almost sight unseen.  It was only when listening to it again that I realised how ordinary it was.  In fact were it not for the catchiness of the title line, which fits perfectly with the sample of Junior Mance's A Time and a Place, I probably would have left it out.

The rest of the track is a series of self affirmations as Nice bigs himself up at the expense of other rappers, but it's all rather tame and Gang Starr did it all much more effectively a few posts back.  You know inspiration is waning when a track ends with a shout out, which Peel passed comment on above.  It wasn't even last track on the album.

Junior Mance makes sure To Tha Rescue gets included on a mixtape that doesn't exist.

Video courtesy of N3r0nFerdy (D-Nice) and groove addict (Mance).

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