Saturday, 26 September 2015

Oliver: Organised Konfusion - Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken? (29 December 1991)

You may be tempted to groan with apprehension when Pharoae Monch kicks this cut off by lamenting that back in the 70s "the only AIDS you used to know was Kool-Aids".  The hip-hop/rap community of the late 80s/early 90s were notorious for not being particularly sensitive in their treatment of such topics.  But, you can relax.  Peel wouldn't give house room to anything that crass and neither do Organised Konfusion, who turn in an absolute treat here.
When I reviewed The Rough Side of Town having already heard Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken? I wondered whether nostalgia for simpler, innocent times was the main focus of their work.  The former reflected on neighbourhood changes; this recalled the pleasure of Momma's fried chicken and their childhoods.  Having listened to their debut album today, the nostalgia angle doesn't fully sum up their over-riding theme.  Rap battles, religion and chemical weapons all pop up through the record, but its Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken? that stands out best.  A funny, charming track reminiscing about childhood games of SWAT; fat, nosy neighbours with baseball bats; rude games of Show'n'Tell with equally curious eight year old girls and the allure of that titular dish.  Yes, it could be said that it's, at root, a more cutting edge version of The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff's, Summertime, but it's a rare example of a track that merits having a remix of it on the same album.

Word of caution about the end of the video, for some reason the director's seen fit to get one of the more overweight members of the juvenile cast to do something rather lewd with a chicken drumstick.  What do they think they're making?  Killer Joe? (Link definitely NSFW).

So good, they gave it to us twice.

Videos courtesy of cocaineblunts and CaNPaLetFiNeSt.

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