Saturday, 28 November 2015

Oliver: Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway (5 January 1992)

I could have included this track from Sonic Youth's 1987 album, Sister, on at least two previous occasions as Peel went on a bit of a nostalgia spree with this record in late 1991.  Eventually, it wore through my indifference through persistent exposure to its rough but intriguing charms.  The mix tape equivalent of a sympathy fuck.  Or perhaps it was the placing in the programme on 5/1/92; the final track of the night and with a structure that seems to evoke nightmare-dream-nightmare.  That anvil heavy guitar line and Kim Gordon's hoarse, dead-eyed exhortations to join her for a drive with the chilling promise "I won't hurt you as much as you hurt me" set a suitably anxious mood, only for the song to give way to a spacious, laid back instrumental mid-section that almost seems lifted from another era entirely.  An early 90s take on the Terry Kath's Tell Me from the Electra Glide in Blue soundtrack perhaps?
However, before this gets too fanciful, we're back to the single verse of the song, that hacking riff, Kim's terrifying reassurances and then this addition to the Great American Songbook's sub-section of Driving Songs ends with a crash into the wall.  "You make me feel so good.  You make me feel so crazy".

Sleep tight everyone, Lynn Parsons is on next.

Video courtesy of why2beyou's channel.

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