Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oliver: Shut Up and Dance - The Green Man (12 January 1992)

Curiously, this is the 4th mixtape selection post of 2016 and as with the others, there's a link to a film in it.  When Peel played this enthralling piece of breakbeat tribute to a well known British pub name (or maybe it was inspired by the BBC drama of the same name starring Albert Finney which stunk up the Sunday schedules in 1990) someone wrote in to tell him that the string part which links the beats and hollers together was lifted from Ryuchi Sakamoto's composition, Rain I Want a Divorce, as featured in Bernardo Bertolucci's multi-Oscar winner,  The Last Emperor(1987).  Peel concurred and gave it a spin, a rare example of modern classical music, in the sense that strings dominated, getting an airing on Radio 1.  All very impressive, but not half as phat as The Green Man.

Won the Oscar for Best Original Score.

Videos courtesy of Vadim Vadim and ditti86.

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