Sunday, 17 April 2016

Oliver: S.L. Troopers - Systematic Terror (25 January 1992)

Before playing this track, Peel praised Kold Sweat Records for the quality of its output, which included Katch 22.  This track from their label-mates, S.L Troopers promises great things as it starts of with a kickin' drum break and a sampled synth that combines the urban with the alien.  However, its achillies heel proves to be the words which go off into a standard trashing of other MCs and their crews.  Why disappointing?  Well a title like Systematic Terror promises something more substantial than just killing other MCs, but apart from a throwaway line about police stop and search tactics and some self improvement advice, it ultimately doesn't even cut as deep as Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Video courtesy of Zitterfinger

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