Monday, 6 June 2016

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 - (Sunday 2 February 1992)

All the selections from this show were taken from a recording of the first 75 minutes.

I have to ask the question of whether there's much love for Mega City Four out there, because their track, Stop, was in contention for a place when I first heard it, but I went cool on it when listening to it again for re-acquaintance.  My reason for this is rather spurious but I find that higher, lighter voices aren't doing it for me just now.  No doubt, something will come along in the next couple of programmes, which will make that last sentence look ridiculous but for the moment the 2000AD - Eric Sykes loving band are out in the cold.

The recording I heard also featured a first hearing for Lush, who have triumphantly returned this year after a 20 year gap.

In the remainder of the show was a track which may or may not be the next selection on this blog.

Have fun guessing.

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