Thursday, 26 February 2015

Oliver: Loketo - Mondo Ry (1 December 1991)

This track, briefly, found itself in danger of being left off the blog when I listened to it before going to work on Monday morning.  Maybe it was because it was Monday morning when not even soukous music can hope to triumph over the slough of despond unleashed between 7 and 8am once a week.  Or perhaps it was because those dreadful low-fi synthesisers that plague so much soukous music seemed more prevalent than usual.  Whatever the reason, I couldn't have been wrong about the quality of this stuff, could I?

Not to fear, I usually listen to tracks several times through before putting them up, and a listen on Monday evening, by which time the rhythm of the working week is established, quashed any wavering.  The synths still sound desperate but those glorious guitar lines win the day.

Peel revealed that he had put the track into the programme because, for reasons he couldn't fathom, he'd given his copy of the Extra Ball album away to someone and hadn't got it back.  This lead to him spending the afternoon out shopping in London and buying a replacement copy on CD for £13.  A price which flabbergasted him both before and after playing the track.
"Thirteen quid...I mean it is a lot to pay for a CD, isn't it?  I know I'm fighting a losing battle on this whole CD/vinyl thing, but you're being taken to the cleaners and so am I."

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