Saturday, 21 February 2015

Oliver: Ultramarine - Geezer (30 November 1991)

For its January 2015 issue, Uncut magazine managed to tear itself away briefly from the altar of their regular cover star, Neil Young to present a review of Ultramarine's reissued 1992 album, Every Man and Woman is a Star.  Sam Richards's review used phrases such as "bucolic electronica" and "pastoral techno" to describe an album which he/she? felt pioneered techno dance music's initial excursions into "Arcadian bliss rather than dystopian dread".

This track, Geezer, popped up on several of Peel's playlists through late 1991 and has a nice Sunday morning comedown feel to it.  It walks the line of blandness at points, the type of sound that DJs on the radio use as background music "bed" tracks.  It wouldn't surprise me if Rob Da Bank had been a big fan of this.  However, I like it enough to give it the benefit of the doubt and the fact that this clip was filmed at a Cornish festival (Port Eliot near Saltash - an area which on the few times I drove through it when I went to North Cornwall made me wonder if there was anything for people to enjoy unless they were prepared to schlep over to neighbouring Plymouth) clinches the deal.

Video courtesy of downbylaw2012.

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