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Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Saturday 21 December 1991)

For the only time in its history, the Festive Fifty was replaced by a selection of  Peel's favourite tracks  and sessions of the year.  This covered the last four shows of the year.

I've mentioned before that I would have been happy for Peel to keep this change of format for the rest of his life.  I only ever voted in the 2002 edition.  I can't remember whether my three choices got in, or even what I voted for.  I didn't hear the full list, so don't know whether they would all have got onto my mixtapes in that year.  At least a dozen did including the winner.  It's a perfectly good track, but the best thing Peel played that year?  Not by a million miles.  Had he lived long enough to have held one in 2008, then I would have had no objection to Saloon's next incarnation winning. EDIT: I just looked up the  Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty for 2008 It didn't make the chart: new curators; same issues!

The problem when listening to lists like the Festive Fifty was always frustration over tracks you hated that got in while tracks you loved were completely ignored.  I'm sure I wasn't the only Peel show listener (and Peel himself gave voice to this a few times) who got angry about the apparent philistinism of the rest of the audience.  In 1991, Peel took this irritation away by taking control of the proceedings and the shows were much better as result with all bases touched and a much more accurate reflection of the music that he had played in 1991.  It works well for this blog, meaning that tracks from before November 2 1991 get a chance for an airing.

I made 10 selections from the recording that I heard and happily I'm able to share them all here, perhaps it makes up for the fact that I won't be able to provide anything from the show on December 22 1991.

Complete tracklisting

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