Sunday, 12 July 2015

Oliver: Loketo featuring Diblo Dibala - La Joie de Vivre (21 December 1991)

It was unthinkable that Peel would let any celebration of 1991's best moments go by without playing something from the man he classified as guitarist of the year.  Diblo Dibala and Loketo's stunning track, La Joie de Vivre was the perfect pick me up to anyone listening to the original broadcast on 21/12/91 as it was played after an 11.30pm news bulletin which included stories about an IRA shooting and an appeal for information about the perpetrator of an acid attack on an elderly lady.
Keep your ears attuned for the glorious passage from 2:36 to 3:55 where the playing all too accurately reflects the title of the track.  Distilled joy in every note and a more worthy inclusion on the 1991 Peelenium than Lambada.

At some point in the next decade, this blog will alight upon the week in April 1993 when Peel did a daytime stand in for Jakki Brambles.  He ended his first programme on the day shift by playing La Joie de Vivre.  Something which only makes his presence on Radio 1 all the more cherishable.

Video courtesy of soukousnostalgie.

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