Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Oliver: Tony Rebel & Macka B - D.J. Unity (21 December 1991)

"I'm not sure I'd be happy in a world controlled by DJs."

The result of a collaboration between Jamaican deejay, Tony Rebel and Wolverhampton's own Macka B (Christopher Macfarlane), D.J. Unity starts out with footage of a sound system battle, possibly between Rebel and Shabba Ranks before the plea for collaboration and respect among its various practitioners leads to the proposed formation of the "D.J government".  If old Mr. Loverman isn't in the duel at the start of the track, he receives a namecheck as Minister for Family Planning, which may be entirely ironic given that I'm sure I read somewhere he was a prodigious spawner of little Lovermen and Lovergirls (please comment if he's only got one child and I'm barking up the wrong tree).  Cutty Ranks also gets in as Defence Minister.  It's a neat conceit, brilliantly performed, but the politics slightly trouble me given that one of the reasons for pulling together is to "Make the business prosper".  A statement which now, as then, sounds more Tory Party than Legalise It Party.

Video courtesy of 1dubplate.

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