Saturday, 31 October 2015

Oliver: Frankie Paul & Stinger Man - Beautifulla (29 December 1991)

Not for the first or last time, I was beaten by the bounce of the patois in this collaboration between Frankie Paul, a man described as "the Jamaican Stevie Wonder" and reggae rapper, Stinger Man.  The track poses the age old question, why do beautiful women always seem to go around with "stupida" men?

In such situations, baffled impotence seems the only response.  I remember talking to a mate of mine about it, one night in 1993, when we were eavesdropping on a conversation in a nightclub where one attractive woman was telling her friend about the problems she was having with a bloke who sounded awful, but who she loved nevertheless.  Forever after such men became known to us as "Darrens".

Frankie and Stinger Man propose slightly more radical action than my mate and I's amused distance.  "Hawk, cough and spit on them", which sounds a bit drastic, and in a post Elliott Rodger world, more than a little queasy with the benefit of hindsight.

Video courtesy of Jarrett Mc.

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