Sunday, 6 December 2015

Oliver: Roshney - Ag Tha Wondi Juway (5 January 1992)

This blog's previous excursion into Bhangra, mixed together an Indian standard with Western rap and beats.  This one goes right to the source.  I'd urge you to bear with the track through the first 45 seconds, which sounded cliched even in 1992.  Once the vocal comes in things pick up all the way through to the delightful chorus and the mix of keyboards and shenai pipes, which isn't something you write every day.  I haven't a clue what the lyrics are about but it sounds like a tribute to Vanessa Paradis in the last verse.

Any Bhangra experts passing through, and please make yourself known if you do see this, may like to confirm the spelling of this track, which comes from the Roshney album, Maar Sutiya, as I've seen at least two different spellings of it.

Joyously, the video has been taken directly from the show on 5/1/92 including Peel's introduction which sees him grappling with the natty problem of singer, Sukhbir Ral's stage name.

Video courtesy of John Peel.

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