Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Oliver: Gas Huffer - Hijacked (18 January 1992)

Any band that decides to sound like mini Mono Men is guaranteed a welcome on any mixtape of mine.  Washington band, Gas Huffer's track, Hijacked turned up as the middle dish in a three part serving of short, sharp, punchy guitar tracks that Peel had programmed.  While session guests, Dawson missed out with me on this show, and Whirling Pig Dervish made me think of Kenneth Branagh films, Gas Huffer's short story on the perils of picking up hitch hikers knocked them both into a cocked hat.  I've always been a lover of that driving but pared back guitar sound and when allied to a vocal like Matt Wright's, it makes me envious for a noise I will never be able to make and a croon I will never pull off.  It sounds effortless, a garage gem.

Video courtesy of teajay69.

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