Thursday, 22 September 2016

Oliver: Voice of Reason - Evident Truth (22 February 1992)

When I started listening to this track by Amarillo, Texas band, Voice of Reason, I really thought the opening line went, "Don't bend to the rule of Trump". That piece of mishearing made me nostalgic for the days when bands writing political songs could be gently patronised and we could all content ourselves that with the Cold War won, we were ideally set up through the coming decade to take care of local and green issues only.  Voice of Reason come across as a punkier version of Consolidated, though they didn't have their longevity - only releasing 2 EPs and Evident Truth appeared on both of them.
I like the way this track rocks out, but have trouble pinning down the lyrics - successive listens have seen me yo-yo through a number of potential interpretations ranging from dismay at environmental disaster through to a pro-life, anti-abortion screed.  They were from Texas, after all. All in all, hard to pin down.  Though they had a fairly catchy mission statement: "Renounce allegiance. Stay Angry. Fuck America."  That second command seems, 24 years on, to be giving Trump the chance to carry out the third command, doesn't it?

Video courtesy of John Peel

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