Sunday, 12 February 2017

Oliver!: Wayne Fire - Supernatural (7 March 1992)

It's a funny thing, but this is a track which it feels like I've heard a lot of times over the winter 1992 shows before it finally made my list.  I think it may have been the rather "bent" synth sound running throughout the track, admittedly something of a staple of dancehall reggae.

There isn't much to the track beyond standard braggadocio, albeit a rather humble sounding sort.  Fire seems to be either paralysed with indecision over whether he will stay as an MC or overwhelmed with options over which direction to take.  He could be an actor, a scientist, historian or even a fisherman.  I rather hope he took the last option - there's been a marked shortage of MC/Fishermen in the history of recorded music.  A sea shanty mash-up would have floated Peel's boat, I'm sure.  Which reminds me of walking across the main piazza on Falmouth Moor 9 years ago, where promotion for the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival was taking place.  I took a flyer and was amazed at how much the man on it resembled Peel.  I even briefly thought of sending it to Sheila Ravenscroft but demurred for fear of being insensitive.  Had Peel still been alive, I would have definitely sent it to him.

Video courtesy of dubweedroots.

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