Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Oliver!: Master Techno - The System (8 March 1992)

Sometime in the early 90s, Gregory DeWindt hit upon the genius idea of calling himself Master Techno, like he was the favoured son of Mr. and Mrs. Techno, and released a series of 12" EPs which he labelled Vol.1, Vol. 2 etc.  I can find such acts of portentous labelling pathetically impressive - giving off the feeling that such records should be collected instantly, before a new volume instantly makes the old one obsolete.
As of 8/3/92, John Peel had reached Volume 3 of Master Techno's work; a 4 track EP heralded with a jingle featuring Peel's children exhorting him to "Play us a loud record, Daddy".  Peel duly obliged with The System, one of those tracks that opens with an acid computer game feel - as was becoming increasingly prevalent in dance records at the time.  There's not much to the track in truth, and Peel could have chosen a couple of superior tracks on the EP such as The Problem, but the propulsive thrust of the piece serves to carry the day.

Video courtesy of picolettouao.

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