Monday, 5 March 2018

Oliver!: Dave Angel - Bounce Back (10 April 1992)

So let’s get the elephant in the room dealt with first.  I wonder which member of The Fast Show liked techno music?  My guess would be Rhys Thomas and Dave Angel himself, aka Simon Day.  Especially given what they went on to create.
I’d like to think of them both workshopping ideas on the Eco Warrior character while listening to DJ Dave Angel’s 12” Stairway to Heaven.  Opening track, Bounce Back fuses together a classic metallic techno alarm call with dabs of Orb-like expressionism, before briefly dallying in its final minute with an excursion to club-land.  An intriguing aural mix throughout and a deserved runner-up in the race to find the best record released by R&S Records and played by Peel during the rehearsals and performance of Falmouth Community School’s production of Oliver!  Sorry, Dave, I had to side with the Cornishman ultimately.

Video courtesy of OLDSKOOLWAX.

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