Saturday, 23 June 2018

Oliver! appendices: Whipped Cream - Whatever [Peel Session] (17 November 1991)

We jump back to 1991 for this appendice.  Alas, the Peel Session version of this track by Swedish group, Whipped Cream has never turned up on YouTube, so we must make do with the studio version  here, though the Peel version can be heard here from 24:55.  In and of itself, Whatever isn’t anything too sensational.  If you wanted to be cruel, it could be accused of being a mid-tempo dirge.  What makes it for me are the gorgeous harmony vocals between Elizabeth Punzi and Jorgen Cremonese that wend their way through the song.  However, it really owes its place in my affections to something that will become apparent if you hear it via the link a few lines further up.  It was placed between a lovely piece of Peel rambling and the sock it to ‘em thrills of Clipped by Curve.  Peel’s linking teed the crashing opening to Whatever up perfectly:

“I got a phone call from one of the people who runs Watercolour Records and I thought in my naieve, innocent way he was ringing to say, ‘Thank you for playing our nice records’ all the way from Ironbridge, but I made some mistakes apparently.  I played the wrong track by The Lean-Tos and The Field Trip don’t come from Derby, they come from Birmingham, so there!  Well, I won’t get it wrong again, that’s for certain. [....] Actually, it’s been that sort of a day, to be honest with you because some friends of mine came in to see me and I thought I’ll show them round Radio 1 - there isn’t that much to see to be honest.  And as I’ve said to you before, when people say, ‘Can we come and watch your programme?’ I always say, ‘Well you can do if you really insist upon it, but it’s not interesting.  It’s not a spectator sport, it’s like watching somebody typing.’ But they didn’t even want to do that. What they really wanted, in their heart of hearts, was to meet Phillip Schofield - which they did - and Andy Kershaw - which they did.  And I always say to Phillip Schofield, ‘Look if any of your listeners want to come and meet me, I’m perfectly happy for that to happen’, but so far it hasn’t.  Anyway, Whipped Cream and Whatever.”

Video courtesy of Amigo Arhsam who has also introduced me to Anna B Savage for which I am most grateful.

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