Thursday, 15 January 2015

Oliver: The Clouds - Dude Electric Cell [Peel Session] (23 November 1991)

Stockport based band, The Clouds, were so pleased with how they sounded in their Peel session, they wrote to thank engineer, Dale Griffin, for his labours.  The gesture was the least Griffin deserved as he made this doomy yet thrilling piece of psychedelia soar into the stratosphere.  Unfortunately, the Peel session version isn't available for sharing, but the recorded version, which was the lead track on the band's second and final EP, Bingo Club's Millenium Ball can be found on Soundcloud.

Starting out of a synths and guitar opening, the song kicks off into a glorious guitar wash as it drives forward.  The undermixed vocals lose their relevance amidst the attack of the music, but by keeping it simple and forceful, The Clouds make a better contribution to the mixtape than say the overplayed virtuosity of Levitation.

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