Monday, 12 January 2015

Oliver: Orchestra Maquis Original - Ngalula (23 November 1991)

Back to Africa now and from the album, Tanzania Dance Bands Vol.2, we get to enjoy some Tanzanian rhumba.  One of two tracks from an album which was played on successive nights and an album which only featured three bands on it.  Presumably the other three all featured on Vol. 1.

Altogether more funkier and deep (in a sound sense) than the soukous tracks which Peel gave heavy rotation to, the heavy brass and plangent guitars soundtrack a lovely lyric which Peel had the kindness to read for us.  All together now:

"Despite her problematic character, I still need her in my life.  She knows me better than anybody else, understand my problems and my joy. I forgive you, Ngalula.  In the end, even hot water will cool."

The art of the make-up sex song: perfected in Tanzania.

Video courtesy of Dekula2.

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