Thursday, 5 February 2015

Oliver: Gear Jammer - Two Tons of Chrome (28 November 1991)

I've listened to most of the programmes John Peel hosted, at home and abroad, between 2 November and 29 December 1991 and throughout that run, one record label's output has been almost ubiquitous: Minneapolis based, Amphetamine Reptile  Records.  The label specialised in noisy rock blues through bands such as Helmet, The God Bullies, The Melvins and Tar.  The majority of tracks I've heard so far from Amphetamine Reptile haven't quite persuaded me but this punchy rocker from a side project that brought together members of Killdozer, Halo of Flies and Like Hell was a cut above Tar's On a Transfer or Helmet's Unsung which nearly made it on here in a double bill with this track until I decided it just wasn't good enough.

Built around a riff that sounds like The Anthill Mob's car, Chugga Boom on steroids, this track had to have been in the young Jack White's record collection back in the day.  Astonishingly, it would be another 3 years till the members of Gear Jammer reconvened to record a follow-up EP after which they were permanently back to their day jobs.  Such is the nature of the side project and in the fact it produced this astonishing tune, perhaps we should be grateful they chose not to try and sustain it to ever diminishing returns.

Video courtesy of Haze XXL.

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