Saturday, 21 February 2015

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Saturday 30 November 1991)

So we've got to the end of the first month's worth of shows, during which time I started getting to grips with the different roles I was playing in Oliver, learning the songs and adapting to the strange mix of activity and inactivity that characterise rehearsals.

From this show I made 8 selections, 3 of which were from the show's session guests, Barbel, a Liverpool based group who released a mini-LP, One Horse Planet, in 1989 and an EP, Inferno, in 1991.  The Peel session they did isn't available for sharing sadly though it was made up of the following tracks:

Income Tax

None of those tracks appear to have been recorded by them anywhere else and they didn't release any other records after Inferno.

I really hope the video they recorded for this song looks like this.

The other 5 selections can be seen in the posts below this one and I'm so pleased that access to more unedited shows has seen hip-hop and dance start to make its presence felt.

Programme tracklisting

Video courtesy of issakomat.

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