Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Sunday 1 December 1991)

For the first time, I had a full 3 hour show to listen to and make selections from.  Naturally, I came up with lots of selections from it that I would have wanted to keep, though there were longuers and sequences of tracks I didn't care for.  In the event, I found 20 tracks that I would have wanted to keep.    I had already posted Henry Rollins's reimagining of T'was the Night Before Christmas as part of the Festive 1991 Tunes article, just before Christmas.  This article has recently been expanded to include a review of Rollins's audiobook, Everything.

Out of my 20 selections, there are 5 that I can't share. They are:

F.S.K - When It Rains in Texas, It Snows on the Rhine
Ultraviolence - You'll Never Sleep Tonight
Ultramarine - Panther
Gospel Fish - Gimme Pass
Red Ninja - Look Black in Anger

As for First Impressions Which Didn't Survive a Second Hearing, it was Hog Leg by Melvins which fell from favour.  It sounded very exciting first time around but when I heard it again, it just sounded a mess.

You can make your own selections by going to the tracklisting.

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