Thursday, 26 March 2015

Oliver: Pepe Kalle - Roger Milla (2 December 1991)

"Last winter, I took most of my family to Wembley to see Cameroon play [England].  I've never been to an international football match again.  It was bitterly cold; Cameroon were really terrible, didn't have a single shot on goal throughout the entire match and Roger Milla didn't play.  By and large,  a disappointing evening, I think it's fair to say."  John Peel - 2 December 1991.

John and family shiver through a 2-0 win in the early, halcyon days of Graham Taylor's management.

Edit - In a talk with DJ Jeff Mills for FACT Magazine in 2003, Peel named this track as one of five records he would play if he was DJing at a wedding.

Videos courtesy of sir82000 and cestrian81.

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