Saturday, 11 April 2015

Oliver: Big Chief - Reduced to Tears (7 December 1991)

It was the opening minute of this track that stuck in my mind.  Whether it was staged or sampled, the spoken word scene in which a Mice and Men Lennie-a-like is, well...reduced to tears, and made to to act against his will by the calmly spoken dominatrix is so strange and unsettling that it leads the listener to beg for release (in a good way) for the music to come in.

It had been a long time since I heard the programme that this track came from that I genuinely couldn't remember what to expect.  The crunching guitars and drums of Michigan band, Big Chief, deliver something that rocks harder than anything I've selected so far, (but that will only last until the next selection, music lovers).  If I had to describe the performance, I'd say Goth grunge.  It's doomy, frightened, desperate and it rocks like a bastard!

Video courtesy of pawelyaho.

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