Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Oliver: Mono Men - Right Now (7 December 1991)

I can't play a guitar but I have to confess that if I had the ability to pick one up and start playing straight off, I'd want to play like the guitarist in a garage band. There's something about that whole "black leather jackets - fuzz tone guitar - accusatory vocal" that I find very appealing.  I think most of the garage rock records of the 60s have aged better than most of the punk records from the 70s, which were essentially updates of the garage rock tunes in the first place.

Washington based four piece, Mono Men (later to add the definite article) were between records when Peel played this track from their 1990 debut album, Stop Draggin' Me Down.  It's a typically brash and electric performance, though I shall be interested to hear whether Peel stuck with this band given that they supposedly moved in a more melodic direction after John Mortensen joined them ahead of their second album, 1992's Wrecker.

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