Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Oliver: King Tubby - Casanova Dub (25 January 1992)

In a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted, I thought about demanding a recount after my last King Tubby post.  Maybe it was my time of the month or something, but in listening back to it, I found myself snorting, "There's no skill there.  He's just mucking around with volume and faders.  What a con!"

However, a listen to Casanova Dub, Tubby's work on a track by the Observer Allstars, restores faith.  Starting out with a snatch of guitar twist that sounds like it's come from a 1973 Stax acetate, we're plunged into a phased and echo soaked lope through brass and a guitar line which sounds like relentless bump'n'grind, before stopping off to serenade the world famous lothario of the title with a burst of trumpet notes to celebrate his latest conquest.  Throughout the track that Stax-twist guitar pops up, evoking Casanova working the moves on his next target.  It even made me fall in love with Rebel Dance again.

Was it good for you?

Video courtesy of Rootslove.

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