Friday, 15 April 2016

Oliver: Nirvana - Sliver (25 January 1992)

Peel gave this a surprise spin on the 25/1/92 show, ostensibly to showcase to any late converts what Nirvana had been doing in the years before Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Commissioned as a standalone single by Sub Pop in 1990, and with Dan Peters of Mudhoney playing drums, it's a catchy thrash through a child's protests at having to spend time at Grandpa Joe's and eating food you don't like with a side order of potential child abuse thrown in - what other reason could there be for the "Grandma, take me home" refrain?

It ends happily enough with Kurt back in his mother's arms but with enough unease filtering through that the listener hopes that there will be no immediate return to Grandpa Joe's.

Video courtesy of All Nirvana albums and songs in high quality (do you think that's a real person?)

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