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Oliver: John Peel's NachtExpress - O3 [Austria] - Monday 3 February 1992

The first overseas broadcast for 1992 on this blog.  All the stuff that I wanted to write about and include happened in the first half before leading on to tracks that I either didn't care for or which have already surfaced here.

There were 2 tracks I wanted to include but can't:

Love Battery - Foot - This was a storming rock track which I had question marks over when I first heard it but which won me over when I listened to it on headphones the other day.  Annoyingly, the track, pressed up on "succulent green vinyl" according to Peel,  appears to have been taken down in the last 48 hours, although a video of Dayglo, the album from which it was taken can be heard, and Foot crops up pretty early.

Silverfish - Jenny - No record of this track from their Silverfish with Scrambled Eggs EP, but it was an atmospheric thrash that sounded to me like a dragon praying mantis trying to eat its partner, so typical Silverfish then. Peel thought Jenny was the best track on the record and was particularly taken with the line, "I'm so pretty when I'm angry".

The changing nature of the European landscape also came up when he played a track by Belgrade-band, Disciplina Kicme and found himself on the horns of a dilemma about whether Belgrade was now in Yugoslavia or Serbia.  This issue would raise its head more heart-rendingly, on his Radio 1 show, by the next weekend.

Tracklisting or you can climb aboard the NachtExpress yourself.

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