Saturday, 4 June 2016

Oliver: Zero B - Module (2 February 1992)

Peel dedicated this track to his friend, Thin John - Peel presumably being Fat John - because he always used to refer to his car as a module.

This is one of those electro dance records which manages to fuse together elements which are utterly timeless and horribly dated.  On the dated side, the main synth voice, at times, sounds like the grating voice treatment which used to turn up on late 1970s episodes of Doctor Who when the money had run out.  There's also a farting trumpet synth voice that makes the track sound more Benidorm than Ibiza.  But set against that is a kicking drum pattern for the ages and that main synth hook sounds great when it's untreated and allowed to chop down on the listener like a heavenly cluster of thunderclaps.

I have everything crossed that the best track from the Module EP turns up on Peel's show soon, so that I can write about it.

Video courtesy of Hannes Kaechele.

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