Sunday, 31 July 2016

Oliver: Sunshot - Baby Doll (16 February 1992)

It's been bugging me since first I started listening to this again, a few days ago, but Sunshot's vocalist, Maria Brannigan sounds like another prominent singer and yet I can't put my finger on who it is.  Please feel free to comment and I'll let you know whether you've jogged my memory.

Happily, there is more to recommend the inclusion of Baby Doll than simple, "Ooh, she reminds me of whatshername" curiosity.  From its chicka-chicka tambourine opening (so delightfully 1992), through to a thunderously ondriving air-guitar riff, the track takes the listener into a deceptively sweet sounding dark fairytale complete with allusions to mental illness, imprisonment and peadophobia.  All that and you can mosh to it too.

Video courtesy of Jeffrey Hathaway (NSFW though and speaking of that - allow me a shameless plug for my next show).

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