Sunday, 10 July 2016

Oliver: Third Dimension - A Forest [Prepare for Reverse Revolution Mix] (9 February 1992)

Peel dedicated this track to those "...who go to raves and stuff but secretly still have a yearning to hear A Forest by The Cure".  As you can imagine, with a link like that, this take by Dutch dance act, Third Dimension is not a note for note reproduction of The Cure's most performed song.  Instead it's more of an "inspired by" version.  Part of the fun comes for listening out for where the most direct atmospheric lifts are.
The track flirted with exclusion due to regular use of what I call the "farting wasp warp" sample, the dance music aural equivalent of drilling a tooth, but I was ultimately carried along by the danceability of the whole thing.  It's a stab in the dark at a sacred text and it's pulled off exceptionally well.

Robert Smith in pre-eyeliner and wasps' nest days.

Videos courtesy of Laloomaloo (Third Dimension) and TheCureVEVO.

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