Thursday, 18 August 2016

Oliver: Neutron 9000 - Which Way Are You Going? (16 February 1992)

The omens don't look good at the outset here, with the snippet of whale song and the trance music equivalent of excessive feedback wankery, but once the beat crashes in, Neutron 9000 point the way we're going and that's to the dancefloor equivalent of bliss. A plum pick from their first release not on Profile Records.  Unlike some of the other techno/trance selections on this blog, it sounds timeless.

I can't pinpoint where the spoken word samples come from.  I had thought the title line was spoken by Newt from Aliens, but she doesn't sound anywhere near as shrill.  The "Don't even tell me what's going to happen..." bit sounds like Sigourney Weaver on Mogadon.

Video courtesy of Abstructure.

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