Saturday, 20 August 2016

Oliver: Zeni Geva - Godflesh (16 February 1992)

Quick housekeeping note - this video has been mistimed.  The track is 4:40 long, not 7:23.

Wear headphones when you listen to this - only by doing that will this track by Japanese noise-rock band, Zeni Geva come anywhere close to bearing out my feeling that it sounds like the world of possibilities which heavy metal could have pursued as suggested by the coda to Helter Skelter.  If you know that song, I've always felt that the bit after John Lennon's comically shrill burst of saxophone suggests heavy rock picking itself up off the floor of its own bugged out exhaustion, renewing itself anew and charging into battle with the forces of ennui.  Contained within this track are those self same aural wars and if it doesn't quite attain full spiritual transcendence, there's no disputing the sense of spiritual uplift.  

Peel dedicated this track to his family who on 16/2/92 had been to Norwich to see The Wedding Present.

Video courtesy of Ruben Guastapaglia.

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