Friday, 30 December 2016

Oliver: Jacob's Mouse - The Vase (1 March 1992)

More evidence to suggest that contrary to what they may have said, Blur's artistic left-turn in the mid-90s had nothing to do with Can or Pavement, and more to do with listening back to Jacob's Mouse album, No Fish Shop Parking. Last time we looked at this comparison, it was over a B-side.  But here, the aggressive, elbowing-people-aside riff that frames this song, gets recycled by Damon and co. in the song, Chinese Bombs, albeit without the drum solo of The Vase.  Although the drumming in parts sounds like Commercial Break, the closing instrumental on Modern Life is Rubbish.  So you could say that Jacob's Mouse are the big unacknowledged influence on Blur's sound through the 90s.  But I guess it's cooler to reference The Kinks and Pavement...

Videos courtesy of Michael McDonnell (Jacob's Mouse) and Zudeare (Blur)

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  1. The only JM song I have is on a flexidisc - ah, the good old days of flexidiscs. I got it because there was an unreleased Young Fresh Fellows track on it.