Sunday, 1 January 2017

Oliver: Zero B - Eclipse (Warp 2) (1 March 1992)

Happy New Year!

While not a patch on Module, this remixed version of Eclipse provides a superior buffing up of the original. It's a borderline inclusion admittedly with several moments that wrongfoot the listener just when expecting something else.  That big opening synth organ chord for instance leading to that none more 90s sequence of keyboard notes really sounds like it should be dropping the beat on us like rockface falling from a cliff, but it doesn't quite manage it.  There's some harmonic variance with windy inhalations/exhalations similar to the opening titles in Donald Cammell's film, Performance,(an example can be heard in the background of this.) There's also synths switching from the funkily futuristic to Ibiza club hell.  Ultimately though, I'm still waiting for an opportunity to blog properly about Zero B's best track.

Video courtesy of Markandrew davies.

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