Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Oliver: Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure [Repeat Until mix] (1 March 1992)

To me, that opening burst of puckering synthesisers is the perfect distillation of techno music circa 1992.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Speeding by in a blur of beats, diva screams, crazy cowbell, samba percussion, whistles and, the one misstep, a Tune a Day organ piece, this remix is phat excitement and a heaving dancefloor classic personified.  Even Peel was moved to deadpan, "Well that's a bit of a toe tapper, isn't it?"

If this strikes as hyperbole on my part, it could be because the urgency and excitement on display in this mix is such sharp contrast to the Kubrickian ponderousness of the original, which opens up with futuristic flourishes, but after chocking out that iconic synth riff detours into some ghastly synth washes better suited for soundtracking a David Copperfield illusion.  "Repeat Until" is a perfect choice of title, because this is one to dance and dance and dance and dance and dance to until you drop.

Video courtesy of Sternen Seelen

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