Friday, 6 May 2016

Oliver: Gallon Drunk - Just One More (1 February 1992)

I've heard quite a bit of  Gallon Drunk on the Peel recordings I've been making selections from, but this is the first track that I've liked enough to include on the mix tape.  I think that this is more a failing on my part than theirs, because their tracks are sonically very interesting.  Just One More features twangy Duane Eddy-esque guitar, sludgy bass, tango piano, ballistic Doors-like organ, bicycle spokes and copious maraca.  No wonder Peel described them as not sounding like anyone else, and that might be why they haven't featured more often here.  My ears are not as receptive as Peel's and bands who don't sound like anyone else are often condemned to plough a lonely furrow.  This is a good track to listen to what Gallon Drunk were sowing.

Video courtesy of World Tunes.

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