Monday, 2 May 2016

Oliver: Nirvana - Beeswax (1 February 1992)

This track was one of the 10 recorded by a nascent Nirvana on the demo tape they gave to Sub Pop Records in 1988. Dale Crover, who would subsequently go on to play with The Melvins, provides the superb drums here.
The song is a mix of free associative lyrics mixing together materials (fibreglass and cotton candy stand out in particular) together with Kurt Cobain's sense of revulsion and fear at the sexual act, though he does appear to be encouraging the recipient of the song to take him anally at one point.  All most unedifying, but given substance by a genius chorus hook line, "I got my diddly spayed" and a guitar riff that makes him sound like he's Hulking out at various stages.  Somewhere on the Internet there has to be a mash up of Family Guy's Glenn Quagmire singing the chorus of this song.

Peel played it as it was on arguably the seminal grunge (before anyone was calling it that) compilation of the time, Kill Rock Stars.

Video courtesy of All Nirvana Songs and Albums in High Quality.

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