Thursday, 5 May 2016

Oliver: MC Lyte - Poor Georgie (1 February 1992)

I could be wrong, but apart from a cameo by Sister Souljah on the Public Enemy joint, By The Time I Get to Arizona, this may be the first female fronted hip hop selection on this blog.  Either way, I love this track; a friends with benefits account of MC Lyte's relationship with a serial philanderer, but given the spin that as long as he keeps the other girls out of her sight and treats her with respect, it will be fine.  Lucky old George, but MC Lyte pulls it off thanks to her wordplay and some dreamy samples, especially the piano part taken from Georgy Porgy by Toto.
The goodwill is nearly squandered by a melodramatic final verse, and those who prefer MC Lyte's more earthier material may find it a bit tame, but I'm just grateful to be writing about a hip-hop track that doesn't feature either the police or self-aggrandisement.

In case you've heard that piano part before and can't place it.

Videos courtesy of rok c (MC Lyte) and Bembadin (Toto).

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