Thursday, 12 May 2016

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Saturday 1 February 1992)

And in a flash, we plunge into February 1992.  The first night of Falmouth School's production of Oliver is only 2 months away.  But we'll be a while off moving on to The Comedy of Errors yet, because while January 1992 only offered 1 show per weekend due to availability and timing issues, February '92 is complete except for Saturday 15 February - quite a few complete 3 hour shows in among them as well.  But the selections in the next couple of posts came from the last 80 minutes of the 1/2/92 show.

"I like the guitar on this" was Peel's understated intro to Walking Backwards by Manifesto, which becomes the current holder of the title for "track I would love to share on this blog, but can't!"  Still if you click on the correct part of the 1/2/92 page on the John Peel wiki, you'll be able to hear it yourself.  Neither, grunge nor shoegaze but a solid, epic pop song.  One of those tracks that transcends genre labels but still surprises one that Peel played it.  However, it's a great example of what Peel may have had in mind when he talked about his programmes being an addition to Radio 1's mainstream output rather than an alternative to it.

Other tracks that may have made the mixtape included:
Cobra - Licence Fi Bad (reggae track which uses the melody of From a Distance to wonderful effect).

There were a large number of tracks which fell from favour when it came to writing about them and which missed out a place on the mixtape:

Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros (just too dull for words)
Heavenly - Escort Crash on Marston Street (sounded anaemic to me ultimately, especially as a Nirvana track came after it).
United Future Organisation - I Love My Baby, My Baby Loves Jazz (nice idea but ultimately still lounge music).

Plot your way to hearing Walking Backwards from here.


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