Thursday, 18 June 2015

Oliver: D-Nice - 25 ta Life (15 December 1991)

One to file under "Hip hop's cautionary tales" as Derrick Jones aka D-Nice relates how self defence can turn fatal.  It's a little bit like what would have happened in the opening titles of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air if Will Smith had gotten into more than a fight with those making trouble in his neighbourhood.  Taken from his second and final album, To Tha Rescue and using The Isley Brothers, I Turned You On as its source.  It's a fine track with a sense of responsibility and nobleness running through it which eschews sexism and swagger, ending on a note of resigned responsibility.

I've got another D-Nice selection scheduled for this blog soon.  I only hope that it was own decision to stop releasing records because in his style and rhythmic flow, he should have been massive.

The Isley Brothers - a long way on from Twist and Shout.

Videos courtesy of N3r0nferdy (D-Nice) and David Boruki (The Isley Brothers).

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