Monday, 15 June 2015

Oliver: John Peel Show - Radio 1 (Saturday 14 December 1991)

The selections from this show came from a recording of the last 90 minutes of the 14/12/91 show and provided plenty of variety.  In all, I would have chosen 16 tracks for inclusion, but 4 of them cannot currently be shared.  The missing quartet are:

Cud - Love Mandarin (I am enormously pissed off about this as there have been shareable versions around for ages, but they got pulled, literally the day before I was due to write the post on it.  All that is currently available is this middling quality live clip from last year which doesn't showcase the final "I" anywhere near well enough)

Supabeat - Selafe (Another African record which doesn't seem to be available even in physical form anywhere.  Peel mentioned that it was part of a consignment of records including "some awful ones.  The first awful records I've had from Zimbabwe").

Unsane - HLL (a track from their debut album, but there was plenty more from them on 14/12/91 and on this blog).

The Spider - Help (a fine dance record, currently only shareable through this remix)

The show featured an invitation for Peel to return to the venue of "One of the worst nights of my life".

Make your own selections or mourn for the fact that I didn't get to choose anything from the first 90 minutes by going to the original tracklisting.

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