Saturday, 27 June 2015

Oliver: Elmore James - Shake Your Moneymaker (15 December 1991)

Having kicked off the 15/12/91 show with a track by The Action Swingers that included the line "Shake your moneymaker", it was only natural that Peel should play the Elmore James song of the same name from 1965.

It's nice to hear James doing his stuff since to many people, he would have only been a name referenced laughingly by George Harrison during The Beatles's song, For You Blue, "Elmore James got nothing on this, baby".  It also has a personal memory in that the first time I ever saw a group perform in a pub, The Jacob's Ladder in Falmouth, this was the song that they performed.  An effect only spoiled by the group, whose name is now lost to memory, lacking a slide guitar.

Video courtesy of RAGGMUNKoFLASK.

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