Monday, 8 June 2015

Oliver: Mudwimin - Have a Good Time (14 December 1991)

This remains a marginal call for inclusion.  When I first listened to the 14/12/91 recording, this piece of swamp rock caught my ear but not my interest.  It wasn't until I listened to the show again that I found myself drawn to the track, if not entirely seduced by it.  It's rare to find a track which you go from liking to cold-shouldering almost on a line by line basis.  I think it's the "give out, take in" refrain that does the trick.
It may also be because it reminds me of a track from the 9 November 1991 show that I turned down, but which has been bothering my memory.  Play Have a Good Time back to back with Sacrificial Shack by Pain Teens and you have a great split single that never was.

Videos courtesy of Richardchancy1 (Mudwimin) and redhenna1 (Pain Teens).

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